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JBC soldering station JTSE-2QA

JBC soldering station JTSE-2QA
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US $1975.00
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Posted : 2019-01-02
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Model Number: JTSE-2QA
Brand Name: HANDF

JBC soldering station JTSE-2QA

CD-E Control Unit

T245-A Handle

C245-903 and C245-741 soldering tips 

Use C245 soldering tips series

CD-E Control Unit

T210-A Handle

C210-001 and C210-008 soldering tips

Use C210 soldering tips series

The packing information:

Weight :                           5kg

Size :                               148*184*140mm

Voltage :                           230/120/100V

Input fuse :                       8A/4A

Output peak power :         300W

Temperature range :         90-450  °C /190- 840°F

Ambient operating temp:  10-40°C / 50-104°F

Package weight :               5kg

Package dimensions :       474*368*195mm